The Big 3

Well, Bobily has officially jumped on the bandwagon and started blogging. We thought that our anniversary would be a fitting time to do so especially since we had such an awesome Pioneer Day weekend. Even though I (Bob-) only have a few days off of work during the Summer, I was able to take three days off for our Three-year Anniversary. Yep, it's been three already. On Saturday we started out the day with some grocery shopping for Sunday dinner. Then we went to Olive Garden for a delicious lunch before going to see the latest Harry Potter film. After the film, Emily went to a friend's baby shower while I shopped for a gift for my sweet bride. When the shower was done we headed over to a performance of "My Fair Lady" that was put on by the theatre that Emily worked with last Summer when she was Cinderella in "Into the Woods." On Sunday we slept in and skipped church because we were "out of town." At least that's what we told people. We just stayed at home and had a relaxing day before going over to the Blacks (Emily's sister and brother-in-law) for family dinner with the Jewells. Emily prepared some amazing fruit and vegetable trays for dinner. Monday was a busy day. We got up early and were out of Albuquerque by 6am to head up to Taos for our Saddle/Paddle Adventure. When we arrived at the stables we discovered that our guide had somehow forgotten that we had booked a ride for that morning. She was able to squeeze us in and we had an enjoyable ride up into the mountains above the canyon. It was a little bit warm, but we enjoyed it. Emily's horse was named Patches and mine was Santos.
After finishing the horseback riding we were served lunch which included sandwiches with all the trimmings, cherries, pickles, and Oreos for dessert.
Once lunch was over we rushed across the street for our rafting trip. Sorry we don't have any pictures of that--we don't have a waterproof camera. It was an exciting 4 mile trip with plenty of rapids; there were also a few
stretches of calm water where we were able to get out and swim. After the rafting we were able to drive back to Albuquerque before it got too late.
Tuesday we got up and bought a combo pass to the Albuquerque Zoo, Aquarium, and Botanical Gardens where we spent the whole day holding hands as we looked at the various forms of animal and plant life there. The highlight of our day came as we were heading out of the Zoo--a Giraffe was sticking its head over its fence to eat some leaves off of a tree that was just on the other side of the fence. Feeding the animals in the Zoo is frowned upon, but it was going to eat it anyway, right? It was so cool being that close to an animal that big.