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On night three the boys didn't make much noise after we put them down but when we peeked on them later we found both in Isaac's bed. Melts a Mama's heart.


Big Boy Beds

So, we haven't put anything about fostering on our blog so let me bring you up to date really quick. This fall we went through the approval process and for the last 4 months we have had a set of teenage twins staying with us. They were wonderful kids and we were thrilled to find a family that wants to adopt them that they just moved in with. It really was a great experience and I am going to miss all of their help and smiles around here.
Now that our extra bedroom is free, and with new baby due in just 3 months, I went into major nesting mode. I pulled everything out ( and by "I" I mean Bob while I supervised and brought him water), cleaned the walls, carpets, the works. Then I found a cute bedroom set with tractors and construction equipment at Target and new bunk beds that can also be two twin beds at Sams. I figured we could use the top bunk on the floor but keep the railing on it for Dean so that way I wouldn't have to buy a 3rd crib for baby boy # 3. Here is pictures of the progress:

We then put the crib in the left hand corner and the changing table under the window but I still need to add the cute wall decals and other stuff on the wall after we know where all the beds are going to end up. 
On Sunday we put Dean down for a nap in his new bed and he did great so Sunday night after getting home from Nana's we put Dean in there again and Isaac in his crib. They both did great and I thought we were good to go for the next couple months but Isaac had another plan. Monday night when we put the boys down for the night he screamed his head off and I finally figured out that he was mad because Dean was in a big bed and he was still stuck in the crib. Nana actually sent us home on Sunday night with an extra toddler bed and I was so glad because we brought it into the room, tucked Isaac in and they both slept in their new beds all night. What big boys! Here are some pictures to prove my point.

 (yes. That is Trix cereal that he was sticking to his face)