Rake In Town!

You may remember me blogging about my sister and her husband coming to visit last year. You can read about it here. Rachel and Jake are back in the U.S.A. and they've been staying with us.

Rather than me trying to tell you about their trip I'll just show you a few things they've posted on their blog.

FRIDAY, MAY 28, 2010

In the USA

We're just hanging out in the USA right now. Jacob's at a class in Mississippi, and I'm at my brother Bob's house in Albuquerque. I've enjoyed spending time with him and his awesome wife Emily and their 3 lively dogs: Deviny, Zeppelin and Oscar (pictured with me above, fancying himself a lap dog).

I also got to see my sister-in-law Micaela and my fabulous nephew Jacob and his equally-fabulous sister Emily. My father-in-law Jim was even in town, and we all had dinner tonight after nephew Jacob's T-ball game.

I've also been working in the office, which has been wonderful! More updates to come...

MONDAY, MAY 31, 2010

New Mexico

Jacob came to Albuquerque for the weekend; it was wonderful to see him, and it was also really fun to visit some of our old favorite places together! One of the things we love most about New Mexico is that my brother Bob and his wife Emily live here. They're fabulous! We're also fond of their dogs. I love this picture of Bob holding Deviny (who is way too big to be held) and Emily laughing in the background.
And then there's the food. Truth be told, it's the real reason Jacob came to Albuquerque for the weekend. :) Here's a carne adovada omelet from Weck's and the world-famous El Pinto nachos.

Hey, this is Bob again. You can read more about Rachel and Jacob's journeys (both here and in Europe) by heading to their blog at http://englishpatience.blogspot.com/


Straight No Chaser

On Monday, May 10th, Emily and I headed to Santa Fe to see the men's a cappella group, Straight No Chaser. If you don't know who they are you really need to look them up.
We left early so I could do a work-related inspection and so we could have a 'romantic' dinner together at the Plaza Cafe.

The concert was held in the 'historic' Lensic Theater. I'm not sure if something historical happened there or if it's just old.

This is the hallway leading to the restrooms at the theater. I just thought it would make a good picture.

The vocals were amazing and the group was really funny.

A semi caught on fire on I-25 the evening of the concert and our trip home took us 3 1/2 hours--a trip that normally takes 45 minutes. Here's what that looked like:

Here's a video to make you feel better after having to deal with all of that traffic...



Over the past several months our appliances in our kitchen have been doing their best to crap out on us. The following are some pictures of our old and new appliances. Can you guess which are old and which are new?

The installers actually carrying in our fridge...

Easter Funny...I mean, Easter Bunny.


Ever since we moved into our house we have called one of our spare bedrooms the 'blue room.' Surprisingly, we called it the 'blue room' because it was blue. Really, really, blue.

This is Deviny's confused face

We still haven't painted the fan

But here is a splash of one of the new colors in the 'blue room.' We also painted parts of it white.


Emily and I have finally come to the realization that what people have been telling us is true: we are terrible bloggers. Actually, let me clarify that we just have a really hard time blogging when we are both in school. Now that at least one of us (me!!!) is done with school I thought I'd work on catching everyone up on what we've done for the last few months...

On March 5th and 6th Emily and took a group of about 40 of her students to a nearby music camp called Hummingbird to work on some of their competition pieces and to have a little bit of fun. Emily and I had an awesome time and I think most of the kids did, too. Oh, and they learned a lot as well.

Troy gets one-on-one time with one of the clinicians.

Streeeeetch. FYI: the three guys in the middle never actually figured out how to bend at the hip.

Time for a break...

...and a hike!

As you can see, the views at Hummingbird were awesome!

Time for more work...

Bus ride!