So, I still haven't got over the need to dress the boys in cute matching outfits. The one for Easter takes the cake. I got the shirt and vest from Carters and I had the hats, socks and pants from the gift Bob's aunt Nancy gave us when Dean was born. Thanks Nancy!

When we got to my parents house for Easter dinner the grandkids started the hunt for eggs. I was busy taking pictures of all my nieces and nephews when I got yelled at for not letting my boys hunt for their eggs. I was thrilled because I didn't think they were big enough to be included this year and Dean and I immediately went to work (Isaac was still asleep in his car seat).

Since I am on here and the boys are being good for me I will add a few more details about our life recently. On the boys last appointments (their 4 and 6 months) Dean was in the 97th % for his height and 95th% for his weight. He weighed in at almost 22 pounds and I love every roll! Isaac on the other hand is small for his age. He is in the 15th% for his height and 25th% for his weight. I'm working on getting him some rolls like his brother but it is nice that he can still fit curled up on my chest.
This is what I call "The Man Corner". When Bob gets home from work the boys can't get enough of him and that gives me a much needed break.

Dean can finally sit up on his own and this opens up a whole new world of playing possibilities. I went and found blocks, cups, balls and other fun toys for him to put his hands and mouth all over. He loves every minute of it. He is also big enough now to go outside and play and swing with Grandpa. This is a treat that all the grandkids love.

Isaac is starting to like life more every day. As long as he is moving he is perfectly happy. He slept in his swing for the first two months of his life and we are finally starting to have successful nights with him in the crib. He is still obviously happier in motion though.

Ever since we got the boys the dogs have been wonderful with them. Oscar, however, has continued to surprise me with how gentle and concerned he is with how our boys are. I guess that is a trait that boxers have but it is still super cute. I highley recommend the breed for anyone with small children. I constantly find him curling up next to them and is really happy when Dean attempts to pet him which mostly consist of grabbing his nose and hitting him. Whatever makes him happy!