Happy Birthday Isaac!

Isaac turned one on Super Bowl Sunday! For Dean's Birthday I did a lot of looking through pictures with you so I figured I should do the same for Isaac. He is a super smiley, curious baby who is not afraid to let us know when he does not like something. He is walking and starting to mimic sounds like "ah-oh!" and the dogs barking. He LOVES to give kisses and hugs and will spend all day in my lap if I let him. Here are some pictures of how fast this little man has grown up:
February 2011

March 2011

 April 2011

May 2012

 June 2012

 July 2011

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 October 2011

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 December 2011

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I learned during Dean's Birthday that I don't handle birthday's well and Isaac's didn't go over much better. I can't believe that my babies aren't babies anymore! They are toddlers and if their first year went this fast I can only imagine how fast the next one, five, ten or twenty years will go. It is a little overwhelming...
I love you my sweet little man!