My Sweet Little Dean

Tomorrow is Dean's second birthday and having another baby on the way only makes me realize how grown up he is now. The last couple days I have found myself staring at him thinking that he looks like a little boy and nothing like the baby that used to curl up on my chest. In fact he hardly fits on my lap anymore. Here are some things that he is up to lately:
1.) Organizing his toys- he loves to line up his toys on the fireplace, piano, table or anywhere else that strikes his fancy. Today I caught him putting all the stuffed animals in a nice line like they where headed off to class. He also gets really upset when he gets an idea and the toys don't cooperate.

2.) Staying clean- We gave him a cupcake the other day and when he went to pick it up he got frosting all over his hand. He panicked and tried to wipe it off on his arm but then freaked out even more because now his arm was dirty too. He now demands a fork if he deems the food not clean enough for fingers. He also came up to me crying and demanding a wet wipe because he spilled his snack and there were some crumbs on the floor. NOT Acceptable.
3.) Quick comfort- Dean is over all an independent player. He is very happy organizing and doing his own thing and doesn't need me hovering close which is really nice most of the time. Every now and then he comes up and asks for a love. I give him a quick hug and kiss and then he is off to his toys again. I'm pretty sure his bear gets more cuddle time than I do.
4.) Talking- Dean has always been a very vocal kid and hasn't slowed down in the least. He puts multiple words together and most of his words are very clear and understandable. I came into the boys room the other morning to get them up to find Dean on the changing table and Isaac missing. The first thing out of Deans mouth was "Where'd go Isaac?" before I could respond Isaac flung open the closet door and Dean shouted "There he is!" and burst into giggles.
5.) Being a big brother- Most of the time the boys play together really well. We do have our moments when they tackle each other to the floor because of a toy they both want but for the most part sharing is an easy concept in our house. If Dean does take something all I have to do is explain that that is Isaac's and Dean will go and give it back. The boys have cute little camp chairs that they like to watch movies in and the other day Isaac decided that he wanted to be in the blue one that Dean was sitting in and not the open grey one. He went over and expressed this to Dean in their own little way and without the slightest hesitation Dean said "Oh, OK." and got up and switched chairs. What a good big brother!

Here is a list of some of his favorites:
Movie: Dumbo and The Lorax
Food: Any kind of fruit or veggie
Comfort object: His thumb and woogie (blanket).
Toy: Balls or cars and books, books, books!

Time for a trip down memory lane. These pictures go from oldest to most recent starting back last October:

 The following quote is from LDS.org on what the church teaches about adoption: "Adoption is an unselfish, loving decision that blesses the birth parents, the child, and the adoptive family." I can't begin to express how much Dean has blessed our life and how much I respect and love our birth mother. I can't imagine what our life would be like without our sweet, sensitive, social little Dean. What a wonderful two years we have had together! Happy Birthday, sweetheart.