Sunday Dinner

When we lived in Albuquerque Sunday evenings were reserved for going out to Rio Rancho for Sunday dinners with my family. It was a wonderful time to eat awesome food and catch up on what everyone was up to. With my boys being so young they had a new trick to show off pretty much every time we went out. Since it has been a while since we have been to Sunday dinner I will try to attempt to catch everyone up from afar. I wish I was there to do it in person!

Dean has had the hardest time dealing with the craziness of the move. He likes to have all his toys and everything else in life in a nice little row so all change has been tough on him. To top it all off, Isaac has been potty training so Dean started feeling left out and finding not so nice ways of getting attention. I took the hint and we have found lots of time for just Dean and I to cuddle, read books, and talk about life. His language skills are really improving and he is so good at keeping himself occupied by lining up his toys and dancing and singing along to his favorite shows. He is such a sweet big brother to Eli and I always find him bringing his baby brother toys and telling him "It's okay!" when Ellis is upset about something.

(notice the pen all over his body?)
Isaac is going to be the cause of my first grey hair. That kid never slows down and I have a hard time keeping up with him. His language skills are amazing and he loves to be the center of attention everywhere we go. When we got somewhat settled in Greensboro we tackled potty training with Isaac since he was showing all the signs he was ready. He is doing really well with it but I haven't tried going farther then the park without a diaper on or through the night. Isaac is super skinny and short for his age and was actually wearing the same size diaper that Eli is in so I am glad we aren't going through those quit as fast. He also loves to dance and sing and makes friends quickly wherever we go.He loves to boss his brothers around and  is constantly in trouble for taking toys from Ellis and messing up Deans neat little lines.

Eli has me securely wrapped around his cute chubby fingers. He is the most patient, happy, sweet little baby and I really appreciate that considering how busy the older two keep me. Since we have been in Greensboro he has learned to roll over, crawl, sit up, eat solids, and has cut 2 teeth. He is attempting to pull himself up on things and I expect that walking will come sooner then I'm ready for. It will be nice on my back when he can walk. Carrying him around in his car seat is really difficult with him weighing in on his own at over 20 pounds. He is happy and calm all the time and does this cute little head flail when he is really enjoying something. He loves watching his brothers play and smiles and laughs any time they so much as look at him. With all the stresses of moving away from friends, family, and green chile I am convinced I would have fallen into a pretty serious depression if I didn't have this beautiful ray of sunshine smiling up at me everyday.

As for Bob and I we are doing okay. We close on the house a week from tomorrow and can't wait to move in and start feeling a bit more settled here in Greensboro. Actually, I should say High Point since that is where our house is at. Bob is enjoying his new job and right now the only big stress we have is needing to sell our home in Albuquerque. After that is gone we can start planning trips to the beach, buy a car for Bob and find some nice furniture to fill all the extra square footage we will have. And, of coarse, start planning a trip back home to be there for a Sunday Dinner in the future. We love and miss everybody so feel free to plan a visit whenever you would like :-)


Go Grasshoppers!

Here in Greensboro we have a minor league (single A) baseball team called the Grasshoppers. Our real estate agent invited us to a family night where they open up the field and show Madagascar 3 on the big screen. The event was to benefit the local food bank so all we had to pay to get in was a couple cans of food so I was all for it. Since we are living with only one car since we have been here I haven't been out of the house much (ok, at all) so it was good for the whole family to get some fresh air in the gorgeous spring weather. They also had their mascot walking around and Isaac wouldn't leave the poor thing alone. Dean on the other hand kept a safe distance and responded with a calm but firm "NO" if I asked him to go give him a high five.