Rachel + Jacob = Rake

In the last post we mentioned a visit from Bob's sister, Rachel. She's actually been in Albuquerque now for about a week and a half and she will be here for a few more days before she returns to England. 

One of the main reasons she has been excited to return to New Mexico is for the food. Because of our busy schedules we haven't been able to go out and eat with her at ALL of her favorite destinations, but we have been to a few. Here are a few places at least one of us has been able to enjoy and blame it on Rachel's visit:

We are also excited to be able to host Rachel's husband, Jacob for a few nights this coming weekend.

I'm not exactly sure where this picture of Jake was taken, but I'm sure you can find out on Rake's blog at English Patience.

Oh, and they'll probably post some other exciting details of their visit to Albuquerque.


Quick Remodel

Anyone who owns a home knows the joys (and pains) of home ownership. Last Summer when we fell in love with (literally) and purchased our first home, there were many things we knew we would like about the home and a few things we knew wanted to change.  One of the things we absolutely hated was our spare bathroom with the original fixtures from 1973. Let's let some of the pictures do the talking:

Hi, Emily!

We decided that in anticipation of our first overnight house guest (Bob's sister, Rachel) coming to stay for a few weeks, it would be a good time to get rid of the hideous chains, globes, doorknob, mirror, and towelracks.  The work began with a scary looking hole in our wall where the vanity mirror was:

Here's how our "cheap" and "easy" remodel turned out:

Stay tuned for more remodel/decorating stories from Marie Park.