.4 miles is killer

Yes, that's right. I said point 4 miles but before you give me a hard time let me redeem myself a little. We are foster parents for the state and we were recently placed with two little girls. The oldest is in kindergarten this year and I get to take the boys and her little sister with me when I take her to and from the bus stop. Its only .4 for miles one way and another .4 home but here is why I start to huff and puff.
First, I'm 32 weeks pregnant so I huff and puff when I switch over the laundry even though Bob and I try to go on regular walks in the evenings.
Second, it was in the 90's today and I am walking west then east to and from the stop so the sun is right in my face and at my back with very little shade found from the houses we pass.
Third, we live in the foot hills so the way to the bus stop is down hill and not to bad but heading home takes me twice as long because of the load I'm dragging. I stick the boys in our double stroller but pushing 50 plus pounds up the hill is tough! I am also hauling the little 3 year that LOVES to drag her feet and smell every flower along the way. I make her hold on to the stroller when she gets really bad but that just means she is adding extra resistance to the already heavy load.
At least I know I will be in great shape for labor and delivery :-) It should be a piece of cake compared to this!