The Compost Post

Those who know us well know that we enjoy gardening and green things. In fact, one of the major reasons we bought the house we did was because of the many flowerbeds and lawns (or potential lawns) in both the front and back. Emily LOVES growing flowers and I'm holding out for the day when we start growing vegetables. I LOVE veggies!

Ever since we bought a house we have talked about composting to help our garden become more "green" (in more ways than one). Some stores sell composters, but most are well over $100.
 That's been more green than we've wanted to spend to become "green," especially when the composting is somewhat experimental for us. 

If you aren't familiar with composting click here for a Wikipedia article explaining it in a little more detail.

A few weeks ago I learned that composting can be done in a makeshift compost bin made from a garbage bin.  I took my trusty drill and drilled a bunch of holes in my $10 garbage bin (it was made from 100% recycled plastic) and added the necessary ingredients.

For those of you who aren't familiar with composting (and didn't look at the Wikipedia link
 above), composting requires 4 important elements:

1. Browns (carbon-rich materials) such as wood, cardboard, newspapers, leaves, lint or even hair.

2. Greens(nitrogen-rich materials), including grass clippings, carrot peels and other kitchen waste.

3. Water--just enough to make the browns and greens as damp as a wrung-out sponge.

4.  Oxygen--this is the reason I drilled a bunch of holes in the garbage bin.

Now we turn the contents weekly and wait for the end result: compost. And just in case you're still wondering, compost basically a super-organic fertilizer.  Or something like that.  


I'm going to Alaska!!!

Yep! You heard me. For mothers day I called Mutti (Bob's mom-its German for mother) and told her that I would like to plan a trip to come and see her. Like I said in the last blog Bob doesn't have that much time off so I will be going by myself. I am sure some of you are scratching your heads trying to figure out what sane woman would be doing spending 2 weeks with her in laws without her husband even there. That's because you don't know my in-laws. I have always been very close with my mother-in-law and am thrilled that I will be able to go up and play with her for two weeks in Alaska after not seeing her for so long. She moved up there about two years ago and I have missed her terribly.

Another exciting thing about this trip is that I am in love with salmon and they have lots up there (it is their state fish).I plan on eating more then my fair share while I am up there. It is making me salivate just thinking about it....

Another good thing is that I am planning on being up there in the end of July and early August. It is not too cold at that point and will actually be nice after a hot summer here. The highs are in the mid forty's and the low is in the thirty's. Even this summer girl can handle that for a couple weeks. I told Mutti that Christmas was out the question when she moved up there. I really don't do cold very well.

I love you Mutti and will see you soon!


Summer Visits

I (Emily) have decided that the coolest thing about teaching is that I get 2 1/2 months off work in the summer but the pay checks still come in. Its amazing and makes the stress during the school year sooo worth it. So I would like to invite myself over to your place durning the summer if you want me. I love road trips and never get many chances to see family and friends. So, if you want a visiter this summer drop me a line and let me know. Bob doesn't get that much time off so he might not be able to come but I still will. Also, if you know of any cool day trips or weekend trips from Albuquerque let me know those too. I am itching to get away and will probably be willing to go anywhere, anyone recommends. Literally!