Playful Puppies

Here are the vids we promised of Deviny and Zeppelin playing.


It's been a while since I (Bob) have posted. I've been busy with school, work,fixing things up around the house, and doing a little bit of blogging on the other blog.

Some of you may have already heard, but we got another dog. We picked him up at the Humane Society and within three days of getting him he had had three different names. The name he had from his previous owners was Charlie. We just had to think of something different.  Emily came up with the name Baron, but after less than 24 hours she decided that it didn't fit. He is a black dog and while pondering this I remembered that Led Zeppelin had a song called Black Dog.  (Are song titles normally italicized?) Anyway, while discussing the amazing guitar riffs in the Led
 Zeppelin song (not really) we decided to start calling the dog Zeppelin. He's glad to have a steady name.

Here are a few pics of Zep:

He loves standing at our front door and barking when "strange" people walk by.  We are counting on people being a little intimidated by our big black dog's bark.

And just so Deviny doesn't get jealous and start whining (she does that a lot), here are a few pictures with her in them:

In a few days we will post a few videos of the dogs playing. 
 I'd do it now, but Emily is asleep next to me and if I watch the vids to see which one(s) to post I might disturb her a little more than I already am.  Which reminds me--Emily had an appointment with a Chiropractor this afternoon for the back pain that has kept her in bed way too much lately. She actually feels worse right now than she did before, but apparently it's normal to be sore for a day or so after a chiropractic adjustment.

I wanted to end the post with a couple of funny things we saw tonight. Neither of us felt like cooking dinner so we headed to one of our favorite dining establishments, Red Robin. Just so you know, the Five Alarm Burger was fantastic. 

At the restaurant there was a person dressed up as a Red Robin.

At first this little boy seemed intrigued by the bird, but as the Red Robin got closer and closer the boy kept getting scareder and scareder. (If Dr. Suess and Shakespeare can make up words, so can I)

I apologize for the blurriness of the next pic, but the absolute terror in the face of this little boy made me lose my steady hand...I was laughing too hard

Well, life is good--in spite of 6 foot tall birds instilling fear into the hearts of our children. Emily and I debated on whether or not the following story is appropriate for the blog; you won't read anything in the next paragraph that you won't hear after watching a few minutes of evening TV commercials.  Plus Emily is asleep and it's not quite my bedtime yet...

We were driving home from the restaurant this evening and we noticed a car beside us that had a government seal on the side of it that read, "State of New Mexico EDD."  The thought came to mind, "does New Mexico have an ED Department?" I did a bit of research and their motto seemed to fit: "Our Mission: To enhance the lifestyle of all New Mexicans." The old guy in the government car was not a moving billboard for ED remidies, but works for the New Mexico Economic Development Department. Whew!  I was beginning to worry about where my tax dollars were going.