stuck in bed

Hi, its Emily. So, as you know from previous blogs, we bought a house. The good news is that we love it. Everyday when I am at home I think of another reason that I am so happy with our purchase. However, it is a lot of work and we are constantly thinking of things that we want to buy or do to make it nicer. Deviny is loving the backyard and is always running around and eating the apples from our apple tree. This week we followed Bob Barkers advice and took Dev in to get her spayed and chipped. She was a pathetic sight when I went to pick her up after work. The anesthetic was still making her really nauseous and tired so we kept a close eye on her for the rest of the evening. She wouldn't eat because her stomach was so upset and kept giving me the "What did you do to me?" look. I felt like the worst mother in the world.
This morning was a Saturday and Bob and I were both off work so we decided to go to Home Depot to get some home improvement stuff for the house. Deviny was feeling much better so I wasn't feeling to bad leaving her for a little. Our plans for today were: 1.) to re-stucco part of our wall that was chipped in the front and then paint it a different color, 2.) trim the trees that were touching our roof, and 3.) clear/weed a section in our front yard and put some bark down to make it look better then the dirt around the rose bushes that was there. The first two we had to do because out home insurance wanted it done and the third was just for curb appeal.
We ran errands all morning and then in the late afternoon, when it started to cool off, we went outside to get some work done. Bob started to re-stucco as I sat down to pull weeds and rocks out of our yard. We were working for quite a while when I decided to get up and stretch. I couldn't even get half way up without shooting pain in my lower back. I must have pinched a nerve or pulled something because I have never experienced that kind of back pain before. I managed to get myself into bed with Bobs help and have been lying here ever since. With some IB profin and a hot pad I am able to not cry with pain any time I need to shift but standing up is a different story. I hope I am able to move around tomorrow because my blogs will get pretty pathetic if I can't.
The most excited thing going on in my life is that I got a job teaching music. I am at La Cueva and Del Norte High Schools teaching four different choir classes. It is really surreal teaching high schoolers because I blend in a little to well with them but I am having a blast. I have been teaching for two weeks now and I am just relieved that I am still not only alive, but happy. The kids have been taking to me really well over all and most importantly, they are singing and singing well. I leave work 90% of the time feeling exhausted but very content. I only interviewed for the job a couple weeks because school started so my license hasn't gone through (I have to take a few more tests in a couple weeks). Because of this, I am not a licensed teacher, just a permanent sub but at least I am doing what I have always wanted to and what I worked endlessly in school for. It is so fulfilling to watch them learn and make beautiful sounds in my classroom. From what I have heard, I am very different from their last teacher and they are adjusting as fast as they can to my new style and approach to music. It always amazes me how resilient and opened minded young people are to difficult situations.
I promise to give you more details on my classes and students then next time I get a chance. Who knows, it might be tomorrow morning if I can't get myself out of bed by then!