Happy Birthday Isaac!

Isaac turned 2 years old last week and in the chaos of packing and getting ready for the move I haven't found the time to sit and do my regular birthday blog. Better late then never!

        Isaac is tiny but determined. He just turned two and his 18 month outfits still have plenty of room to grow. I'm pretty sure he is so skinny because he never stops moving. While Dean will sit and watch a movie, Isaac begs for one and then spends the entire time its on getting into things around the house. The only time he is still is when he is cuddled up on my lap which is any time I will let him. He is a happy cheerful kid but is very sensitive if someone hurts him physically or hurts his feelings.
        His language skills is where he excels. He learns and uses at least a couple new words a day and mimics anything and everything I say. He has also figured out that if he says "please" he has a much better chance of getting what he wants and gets very upset when this trick doesn't work.
       His favorite thing to do during the day is, snap, clip, buckle and push any button he can find. His newest trick is unzipping his jamies and stuffing every toy he can find down them. He is also very interested in the potty and loves to go and sit on his new special seat even and as soon as we get settled in Greensboro I am going to get that kid potty trained.
       He is a wonderful brother and loves to help with Ellis. If I give him a snack, drink, or treat he refuses to walk away until I give him one to bring to Dean too. And he does! Even if its chocolate. Now that is love. He has also tried to be a big help with packing. He follows me around every where I go and wants to be involved. I have found that the chores go a lot faster if I find a way to get him involved.
     He is also very musical and loves to play the piano, dance and sing and will listen to music all day long. He will even sing to Eli when he gets upset which is the cutest thing ever. Isaac's passion is his accessories  Head bands, hats, shoes, sunglasses, you name it, he loves it.
    Here is my traditional picture trip back in time. He has grown up so much and I can only imagine how busy he is going to keep me over the upcoming year if he is this busy already.

Happy Birthday my sweet little Isaac!

While I am on here I guess I should tell you about my other 2 as well. Bob and I often comment on how fast the boys change and learn things everyday. I have to go through their clothes and put away things that don't fit any more at least once a month and Bob and I regularly look at each other to say "Did you know he could do that/ say that? I feel like my life is flashing before my eyes so here is an update for those of you that don't see them on a daily or even weekly basis.

Dean: Is huge! He just turned 2 in October and is a big boy. Built tall and solid this kid is all muscle. I'm pretty sure we have a future spent at sports games because his pain tolerance is sky high and that kid has quite the arm. In fact most of my day is spent disciplining him for throwing, EVERYTHING! We have had many mortifying moments when he chucks stuff over the pews at church and startles the sleeping old man behind us.  He is constantly talking, reading, and laughing and for anyone that has heard his laugh you know how contagious it is. He can count to ten as long as you don't mind seven being left out and loves to sleep. When he starts to get grumpy and I ask him if he wants to take a nap or go to bed he replies with an "OK!", grabs his woogie (what we call blankets) and will literally walk into his room, climb into bed, and shut the door. For meals if I offer him meat, cheese, bread and veggies, the veggies will always be devoured first.

 Ellis: Is my little chunky monkey. Dean was a really chunky baby as well and I was shocked when Eli weighed in at his 2 month appointment almost a pound heavier and 1/2 an inch longer then Dean did at his 2 month appointment and he hasn't been slowing down. He turns 4 months old tomorrow and has spent the last couple weeks in 9 month jamies.  Speaking of sleeping, he went 8 1/2 glorious hours last night between feeding and this is becoming a regular thing for him.  He is mellow and doesn't cry much and loves to watch his brothers play. His big gummy grin melts my heart and we spend lots of time just talking and smiling at each other.

I am so grateful for these wonderful little men that I am surrounded by and for a wonderful husband that does so much to help with them. Who knew life could be so fulfilling and fun!?