Minivan Mama

I always swore that I would never buy a minivan. I'm not sure exactly when that changed but I ended up getting one this week and I am thrilled about it. We were quickly growing out of our Saturn Vue and I was worried I was going to have to leave Bob at home on our next road trip just to fit everything. No need to worry now Bob, you can come!2009 Dodge Grand Caravan SEThe best part is that it has stow-and-go seating on the 2nd and 3rd row so for right now I have the backseat permanently in the stow position and never have to worry about fitting the double stroller and all the groceries in the back. Loading the car after a Sam's club run was always an adventure.
Now it is time for your help: Bob and I always name our cars and we take this on with as much serious as when we named our children. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Happy Halloween!

This year for Halloween I dressed the boys up as monkeys and Bob and I were zoo keepers. Bob had a costume contest at work that we all went to this morning and we ended up winning a $50 gift card to Dion's (a local pizza joint that we LOVE) for the group category. The cutest part was that as we were parading across the concourse so the judges could see our costumes the crowd was cheering for us and Dean thought that was the greatest thing ever. He started clapping along which of course made the crowd cheer louder and Dean burst out in fits of giggles. It was a fun time for all.


Happy Birthday Dean!

My little Dean turns one today and I am having a hard time excepting that fact. My baby isn't a baby any more. He is almost walking and can say a handful of words including "Hi", "Isaac", "Doggie" "Go on" and barks like a dog. He eats everything that I do and his favorite meal is Taco Soup, the spicier the better. I was looking through pictures the other day and decided to let you reminisce with me. Here is a few pictures from every month of his life:

October 2010

November 2010

December 2010

January 2011

February 2011

March 2011

April 2011

May 2011

June 2011

July 2011

August 2011

September 2011

October 2011
It is so amazing to me how fast they change. Before I know it he will be going to school, driving, and becoming a man. I miss my little baby already but I am so proud of how he has grown. I love you Dean!