By Bob

Well, the biggest thing going on here in New Mexico this week has been the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta that was held here in Albuquerque (where else?) from October 6-14th. What does this mean, you ask? Well, lots (750-ish to be more precise) of balloons taking off from Balloon Fiesta Park each morning and landing in various places around the Albuquerque area. There are also different events at night with live bands, fireworks, balloon glows and food (yum!). Balloon Glows feature the balloons on the ground at the Park at night lighting up at the same time or in some sort of pattern...it is actually really cool. There are usually around 100,000 people on the launch field every morning during the "mass ascension" watching the balloons take off and tons of others throughout Albuquerque watching as well. There are numerous special shapes balloons that can take just about any form. We didn't actually go to any official events this year, but as Albuquerque residents we did get to see a lot of weird objects floating overhead. Objects like...


Mr. Potato Head and Humpty Dumpty,

Pepsi cans (Mmmm!!!),


Darth Vader,

and yes...even Jesus!

We also get to see these objects and people landing in random parking lots throughout the city. Duke City Residents ("Duke City" is a nickname for Albuquerque and it's a lot easier to spell) have grown accustomed to balloons overhead during the first few weeks of October. This year Monty (our family dog) did not get to experience Balloon Fiesta. He is now semi-retired in Fairbanks, Alaska. For him Balloon Fiesta used to mean a week of hiding either under the bed or in the closet. I bet things are definitely less stressful in the frigid north. Brrrrr!!!
That reminds me, the weather in Albuquerque has been fantastic. Autumn in New Mexico is the best! Today's weather forecast:Plenty of sunshine. High 69F. Winds NW at 5 to 10 mph.
On a more solemn note...I guess Emily has decided that I'm looking a little too much like I did when I was a baby when I earned the nickname "Round Robbie." (Don't tell her I told you this, but I think she thinks I'm getting fat). All of a sudden I can't find Whole milk in the fridge--2% is the highest concentration of fat I'm able to find. I love my milk!!! (Hmmmm...how much fat do you think is in bacon grease?) And now there is yucky wheat bread in the kitchen instead of yummy crust-free not-so-healthy white bread. Actually...the truth is that Emily and I are both turning over a new leaf and trying to eat a bit more healthily. We'll keep you updated on how that goes.
On a final note: Check out some new features of the Bibbidi Bobily Boo Blog. There are now links to some of our favorite blogs and maybe in the future to some other websites. We are going to be adding a Quote Board (in honor of the good old days on Hood Rd. when Rachel would hang up random quotes from different members of the family taken way out of context). We might even add some of our favorite quotes from other sources. I also plan on researching some other cool features to add to our blog. Stay tuned!!!


Well, my time at the high school is done. They had an incredible concert on Thursday and I was so proud of them. On Friday we had tons of fun. We talked a lot about the concert and I took a lot of pictures. The treble choir girls threw a goodbye party for me with lots of food and cards that had lots of sweet thoughts on them. I am really going to miss those kids. From now on I will go to the elementary school every day. The little ones are so cute but I really made friends with the older kids.
My mixed choir. I got to work with this choir the most. They kind-of became my project. These are kids with basic to no singing ability that have never really sung in choir before. They are a wonderful bunch of kids.
This is me and my mentor teacher Shelly Andes.

My treble choir girls. I really developed a close bond with these girls. They are the ones that threw me a party.

This is the cake they made me.

This is the Concert Choir. Most of them weren't there on Friday because it was senior ditch day. This is the most advanced choir and they are absolutely amazing to stand in front of and direct.

Everything else in life is going great. Bob and I are talking a lot about going and teaching English in Korea. It won't be until he graduates in May but we are really excited about the possibility. My candle business is going great. It is starting to get busy because of the holidays, but that is how I like it. I don't have have too many private students right now which is kind of nice in a way. Primary music is going well. The program is coming up so learning has almost stopped due to practicing the program. Not a lot of fun for me because I don't get to teach any new songs. Hope everyone is doing well!