July 28th & 29th: Wrappin Up Our Trip

After we checked out of the B&B we went to the St. George Temple with my parents. It was a nice experience to be there with my parents and my amazing wife.

We then went to lunch at Ruby Tuesday's. FYI: Ruby Tuesday's has the BEST flavored lemonades. Go get some! They have a pretty good salad bar, too.
We did some more shopping that afternoon before heading back the the Brian & Kim Brough Bed & Breakfast (aka B&K B B&B) to spend the night. They fed us a wonderful meal--lasagne is my favorite!
Emily and I went that evening to watch another production at Tuacahn. Unfortunately we didn't get to watch all of Footloose due to incliment weather. We made it through the whole first act and only one song of the second act before they cancelled the show. We were disappointed that we didn't get to see the rest of the show, but the lightning show sure was pretty!
Wednesday morning we got up and picked up my mom (she was staying with her parents). I drove to Las Vegas and dropped my mom and Emily off at the airport before beginning the long drive back to Albuquerque. Emily is spending almost two weeks in Alaska with my parents. Stay tuned to the BBBBlog for updates from Alaska...

July 27th & 28th: We Finally Got To Celebrate Our Anniversary

We spent Sunday night with Joye and Kim and on Monday morning we got up and did some shopping in Salt Lake (at the LDS Distribution Center) and then we took an interesting tour of the LDS Humanitarian Center.
Monday afternoon we drove back to St. George, but instead of staying with Brian and Kim we decided to spend the night at a Bed and Breakfast called the Seven Wives Inn. I know it's not the best name I could think of, but it had what we were lookng for. Spending the night in a tent with my parents wasn't exactly the type of romantic getaway we were looking for on our Anniversary which is why we decided to go for a B&B. My mom and dad actually stayed at the Seven Wives Inn back in the 80s and they were surprised to hear that it was still around and under the same name. Here are some pics from the SWI website.

Slideshow Image 1

Slideshow Image 2

Here are a couple of pics from our room: Julia

Pics from some of the other rooms...

Yes, this is a Jacuzzi tub built inside a 1927 Model T Ford!

The SWI might just become one of our favorite get-aways when we're in southern Utah.

July 26th: Temple Square on Sunday

Sunday morning we headed to Temple Square to watch the Mormon Tabernacle Choir's performance of The Music & the Spoken Word. It was really cool to be in the Conference Center and to hear such a large (and talented) choir perform.

Sunday evening we hung out with my cousin Janalynne (Joye's daughter) and her family. We also took a very educational (and fun) trip to see some elk that Kim owns.

July 25th: The Rodeo

After finishing up at the Terry Reunion on the 25th, Emily and I headed to West Jordan to stay with my mom's sister, Joye, and her husband Kim. They were kind enough to take us to Red Lobster and to the Days of '47 Rodeo at the E Center in Salt Lake (technically it's in West Valley City). This was Emily's first rodeo and the first time I went to a PRCA (Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association) rodeo. Emily couldn't stop talking about how much fun she had at the rodeo and we have already started scoping out PRCA events in the future that we can attend. Here are some pics and videos.

July 24th-25th: Our Anniversary and the Terry Reunion

We got up Friday morning (the day of our 5th Anniversary) and headed to Nine Mile Canyon near Price, Utah for a reunion with my dad's side of the family. There were a total of 123 people at the reunion. FYI: I haven't been to a Terry Reunion in quite a few years and I don't think I could tell you who all the people that were there.

"I want a Dr. Pepper that big!" ~Emily

Grandma Terry, her ten kids and their spouses. Grandpa Terry passed away 30 years ago and we were celebrating his 101st birthday at the reunion.

July 23rd: The Narrows

On July 23rd we got up and all had breakfast at Grandma's house. The baked french toast was awesome!
Afterwards we headed to Zion National Park to hike the Narrows. The Narrows hike is one of the most unique hikes you can experience. The total hike is 16 miles long, but we didn't do the whole thing.

You can't hike very far up the Narrows without getting your feet wet. In fact, you're often hiking in waist-high water.

Driving to the Narrows

Getting our feet wet

The wildlife really enjoys having hikers around. So much for not feeding the animals.

Lots of rocks to climb...

I bet Cannon would tell you that dinner was just as good as breakfast and lunch. I sure think it was.

July 22nd: Lots of Driving, Lots of Fun

On the morning of July 22nd Emily and I left our house at about 5:45 to begin a 9-hour trip from Albuquerque to St. George, UT. After arriving in St. George we had a few hours to kill until the Broughs (my mom's side of the family) got together for some pizza. After dinner some of the family went to the nearby Tuacahn Ampatheatre to see a production of Annie.
For those of you who are not familiar with Tuacahn, let me give you some info (and pictures).

Tuacahn is an outdoor theatre nestled in a gorgeous red rock canyon just outside St. George (about an hour and a half from Las Vegas). The cliffs stretch 1500 ft high. The theatre puts on multiple productions throughout the year so if you're ever in the area we highly recommend checking out their schedule and going to a show.

The theatre seats 1920 people and on the 42,000 square foot complex there is also a 330 seat indoor theater, a dance studio, a black-box theater, a recital hall, a costume shop and scene shop, studios, classrooms, and a gift shop. Tuacahn is also the home of a public performing arts charter school. Emily knows what she's talking about when it comes to musicals and she thinks Tuacahn does a great job. Just ask her. Click here to learn more about Tuacahn.

Can you spot any family members in this pic?

We spent the night at Brian and Kim's (my mom's brother and his wife) in Santa Clara that evening. It was a great touch to arrive and see actual mints on our pillows. Brian and Kim have four kids that are a lot of fun to hang out with!


Can this possibly be comfortable?

Emily and I were doing some reading last night before we turned out the lights and we looked over to find Oscar sleeping like this:


Sarah's Visit

Emily's neice Sarah is spending the night with us tonight. Earlier this evening we went to the BounceU and had a ton of fun! For those of you who don't know, BounceU is a great place for kids of all ages (including 27 year olds like myself) to have fun and get some excercise. There are huge inflatable toys and bouncy games and slides all over the place. It's sort of hard to explain so here's their website. Check it out, go, and have fun! http://bounceu.com/
When we got home Emily and Sarah made mint chocolate chip milk shakes. They were just going to have ice cream, but decided to do the shakes instead. I guess they had already gotten ice cream in their bowls and didn't want to dirty any more dishes. That's why they're drinking their shakes out of bowls.

We are now watching a movie called Akeelah and the Bee. It's a great movie about a girl from South L.A. trying to break down socioeconomic and racial barriers to make it to the Scripps National Spelling Bee. We definitely recommend it. In fact, we'll let you borrow it if you want to watch it!
If we do anything fun tomorrow we might just have to blog again about Sarah's visit.e

Mutti's Visit

Mutti (my mom) came to stay with us for a week and we were so excited to have her! The week was spent mostly just hanging out with each other and eating some really good food. We were so busy having fun that we let her leave with her camera before we got some of the pictures off of it from her trip. We do have some pictures here, but we will post the rest of the pictures of her trip in a few weeks as soon as we get them from her.

Mutti's nachos from El Pinto. It's just a half order. If it was a full order we'd still be eating the leftovers!

Emily's taco salad from El Pinto. Yum!

Bobily after dinner at El Pinto. We realized that we don't have very many recent pictures of us.

Bobily at the Albuquerque Temple after going through a session with Mutti.

Me and Mutti at the Temple

Mutti watching Deviny and Oscar eat each other

Oscar giving me some 'ruv'

We didn't want Zeppelin to feel left out--here's a pic of him. Oh, and those are some cute piggies, Emily!

Another picture of us at the Temple.

Mutti, thanks for coming to stay with us! You're welcome back any time!