Our Anniversary

This weekend (Sunday the 24th) Emily and I are celebrating our Seven Year Anniversary and I thought I'd write up a little blog post in celebration. As a side note, there are several links in this paragraph to other posts. Just click on the underlined words and do a little bit of reminiscing with us. In the past seven years we've done a lot. Emily and I have both completed Bachelor's degrees, I finished an MBA, we both have some work experience under our belts. We bought a house and got three dogs (one, two, and three). What else am I forgetting? Oh, and we now have two wonderful little boys! Here's a few pics I've picked...

Our Engagement Photo

The next few pictures are included because as I drive around Albuquerque, there are handful of landmarks that remind me of our engagement and wedding.

Emily and I decided to be very frugal with our wedding. Emily found a beautiful dress at a little local shop called "Surplus City." Seriously!

Our first stop as a married couple was at the local Shell station. We were both surprised that the car didn't run out of gas on the way there.

Now that we've been married for so long I can pretty much speak for Emily when I say that for both of us the best part of the past seven years has been the arrival of Dean and Isaac.

The last pic here is a little camera experiment I tried recently. I heard you could make a heart shape with a book and a wedding band. Do you see it?

Love you, Em!


What's New?

I know some of you are wondering what the boys have been up to lately. Well, let me show you...

Isaac partook of his first solid foods this week. Take a look at the video and let us know how you think he likes it based on his facial expressions...and shuddering.

Dean also had a first this week when he started crawling. This video was taken Sunday morning and he has already improved his form (and speed) significantly. Also, Isaac isn't too far behind Dean in the crawling department. We'll keep you posted...

This is a video of the boys playing (and laughing) together. We hope you enjoy it as much as we did.