The OCC Interview

I guess you're wondering how my interview went with the OCC this morning. I think it went pretty well. I was supposed to be interviewing with 2 people, but I only ended up interviewing with one. The other had a family emergency and had to fly back to Phoenix last night. I interviewed with Joseph Carper. I think I answered the questions well and am really hoping to get a second interview. In early April (I think it is on the 7th), the OCC is flying about 90 people up to their District Office in Denver for a day-long interview/testing extravaganza. The interviews will be with upper-level management. The testing will be part multiple choice and part...I don't know what to call it...basically I will have to read a report that is pretty long and will be required to summarize it in 1-2 pages. Generally a lot of people do well on the multiple choice, but not on the summarization. Out of the 90 or so that go for the second round of testing, 20 people are selected/given offers for permanent positions. I may not know until late March whether I will be going to Denver, but he said it could be as early as the week of March 10th. The actual position doesn't begin until June 23rd. Let me know if you have any questions.



Bob's Presidential Endorsement (This is probably a joke)

Well, I have been silent for far too long! I am now officially making my endorsement for a Presidential Candidate. Nope, it's not Hillary! It's not Obama! It's not Huckabee! It's not Romney! (Some of you are getting worried, huh?) Nope, it's definitely NOT John McCain. It's not even Ron Paul.
Who could it be, then? It's a guy you probably have never heard of until now, but his name is Daniel Melzine Kingery. Who? What? Why? Here's a picture of him:

Mr. Kingery (you'll be calling him Mr. President next year) is not afraid to tell the truth. He's not affiliated with a political party. Maybe more importantly, he would probably be able to stare down anyone and get what he wants. I mean, Kim Jong Il looks scary, but he's got nothing on Kingery.
Here are a few of my favorite quotes from Mr. Kingery's website:
In order to not be confused with the other candidates, I must look and act differently than the others.

From the "About Me" section:

Married for about 13 years.
Divorced without children resulting from my own tactless lack of good judgment. Started several businesses; Some went under because of my own mismanagement of funds (translation: I didn't plan on unwarranted interference from local politicians). Others met with demise assisted by small-town politics, which resulted in two bankruptcies (translation: I planned on the groundless battles but hadn't anticipate judges unconstitutionally denying my request for jury trials).

At various other times in my life, I've been a thief, adulterer, verbally insulted others, drank, smoked, and lied among many others that I'm not so proud of. Because of the lessons learned, I'm not ashamed of them either. If the details of any of this is that important to you, just ask.

I'm sure you've got a few questions. Is he serious? It's frightening, but I think he is serious. Check out his website to find out more about his stance on various issues. Here's the link:
Am I seriously endorsing this guy? Heaven's no! Not that my endorsement would do anything for a presidential candidate.

If this guy doesn't float your boat, you do have options. Check out these other candidates:

Good luck to all of us as we decide who is best for the job of our next President!


Catching up

So, I know you all think that we have fallen off the face of the earth but here we are. Since the last time I wrote an update, I graduated from college, went on vacation, and got a full time and part time job. I graduated on December 15th and it was really weird to know that I was done with school. It is really odd getting off work and not taking anything home with me that I need to do. I just got my diploma in the mail this week and Bob can't wait to get it framed. The sad thing about graduating is that I haven't been able to find a full time teaching job. Since it is the middle of the school year the pickings were pretty slim.
I did find a job with the Albuquerque Girls chorus as a director. I am in charge of the prep school (girls in kindergarten to 3rd grade) and then I assist with the other girls that go all the way to seniors in high school. It meets on Monday nights for a couple hours and I have really been enjoying it. The girls are super talented (they had to audition to get in) and they learn the music faster then I can get it out to them. The other job I got was with a local credit union here in town. Rachel (Bob's sister) has worked there for a while so had the inside connections to get me in. I just finished up my third week there and received my first pay check. I am enjoying the job but it is definitely not teaching. I miss the kids and working with music all day. It just doesn't give me the satisfied feeling that I get after I teach. However, it was a wonderful feeling seeing that first pay check.
After Christmas we took a wonderful visit down to Gilbert Arizona to visit the Broughs down there (Bob's Uncle Don and his family for those of you not on the Terry side of the family). We were there for almost a week after Christmas and I wish we could have stayed longer. We watched movies, played games, ate really good food (big thanks to Nancy for that), and did a lot of puzzles. It was my perfect idea of a vacation and the weather was gorgeous down there. Thanks to Don and Nancy for the awesome time!
Bob is done with school this semester and we can't wait. He has a neat interview coming up with the Department of Treasury and I can't wait to figure out where we will be in the future and buy a house!
I promise I will post a bunch of pictures of our trip and Christmas and such when I get another couple minutes. Hope all is well!