Top 10 Lists

In one week from now all of our belongings will be packed in a truck and we will be ready to leave Albuquerque.  In honor of our one-week countdown here is a list of the top ten reasons we will miss New Mexico and the top ten reasons we are excited about moving to North Carolina.  They are in no particular order, but are numbered just to make sure I actually get ten of each.  Here we go!

Top 10 Reasons Bobily Will Miss New Mexico
10. Luminarias
9. Our Dogs (we are leaving Zeppelin and Oscar with an awesome family, but it's sad to part with them)
8. Food (Green Chile, Dion's, Weck's, etc.)
7. Dry climate
6. Mountains
5. The sunsets
4. Friends
3. Our first home
2. Lindsey (Emily's best friend who is awesome!)
1. Emily's family

Top 10 Reasons Bobily Is Excited About Moving to North Carolina
10. BBQ (Bob is really excited about this)
9. The beach
8. Beautiful architecture (we've never loved the SW-style flat roofs)
7. Green
6. Black people (ask Emily)
5. Rednecks
4. Employment
3. Earlier church
2. Humidity (no more dry, cracked hands!)
1. Proximity to "everything"

Anything we've missed?