Rumor Has It: A Public Service Announcement

Did you get that e-mail about the really dangerous "super" computer virus that will erase your whole hard drive? Or did you hear that research has proven that microwaving foods in plastic containers can release deadly toxins into your food? And I also heard that Canada passed a law claiming President Bush is an international war criminal and the Canadian Government will arrest him next time he sets foot in Canada. I also heard that a Dunkin Donuts employee refused to serve a member of the Armed Forces because she claimed that he was killing her "countrymen." Not to mention the gay Jesus film that is coming out THIS year.
Before you get upset and write a letter to "the authorities" expressing your anger at the things mentioned in the previous paragraph or more importantly before you forward the e-mails you recieve to everyone you have ever e-mailed in your life (including those people you haven't written to since the day you got hooked up with the internet) please stop and verify that the information is true because it might not be. There is not a film coming out this year claiming that Jesus was gay. There have not been any reports of U.S. servicemen being refused service in Alabama. The Canadian government has not passed any laws claiming that Bush is a criminal. There are no studies proving that microwaving plastic releases toxins into food. As far as that computer virus...watch out, it might be true!
For those of you who don't know, there is a great website out there that can help you (and me) verify whether or not the contents of the numerous "scary" e-mails we receive are true of false. Please check out www.snopes.com before you click the "Forward" button.