The pen is mightier...

Part of being married is thinking that your spouse is super cute no matter what they do, right? While cleaning out Bud and making sure to wash out all the girl cooties, I discovered something very interesting about my beautiful wife: she is a writing utensil hoarder. I found over 60 pens and pencils in the vehicle.  I don't know the exact demensions of the car, but that's gotta be a couple of pens for ever square foot of the car. Like I said, Emily is super cute! Oh, and when she writes something it has got to be important or she wouldn't surround herself with so many pens/pencils. The question is, does she have any paper?

It's Bud, not Rose!

Well, the gender transformation of my car is complete. The roses and flip flops just had to go if I was going to be driving the red Cavalier.  There were a total of 3 roses and one pair of flip flops (some people call them thongs). Here are a few pics before the transformation.


We need your help!

Well, we spent over 5 hours of our Veteran's Day shopping for a new vehicle. I won't go into a long story here of the whole day...that would probably take 5 hours to write, but I will tell you that we puchased a car yesterday after spending more time at the Saturn dealership getting the price a little lower. We got a really good deal, by the way.
You already know that we can be a little weird at times so it shouldn't surprise you that we name our cars. Maybe we're not that weird. You might remember 'Mortimer' (who has 177,777 miles on him) or 'Rose', the red 2002 Chevy Cavailier I'll be driving now. I don't know if I can feel 'manly' enough driving a car named 'Rose' so I might call her 'Bud.' The blue Chevy Astro our family used to drive was called 'Papa Smurf.' Here's what we need help with: we need help naming our silver 2007 Saturn Vue. Please post comments with your ideas on a name or with reports on what names your cars have. Here's a pic of what our new vehicle looks like:


Fun Purchases

We've done a lot of purchasing the past few weeks here in the Bobily household. The most exciting blog-related purchase was this week when we got hi-speed internet hooked up at our house. Emily's comment after surfing the web for a few minutes was, "I can't believe we lived without this for so long." We now have no excuse not to blog every week...unless being busy or not feeling like we have anything to blog about are valid reasons not to blog. I didn't think so.

We've been buying a few things for our home and yard lately. First, let me introduce you to the Leaf Hog 4500:


We decided this particular item would be beneficial in light of the fact that we have 5 large trees in our yard and several other small trees. I won't bore you with specifics of what the LH 4500 can do (like it's 16:1 bag ratio or it's metal 'sucking' blade), but if you want to check it out click here for a link to the Black & Decker website.
The Leaf Hog makes both of our dogs a bit nervous, but especially Deviny. She was actually trying to attack the machine while I was using it.

Another purchase we made recently was a replacement for the old stove/range/oven that we think was the original from when the house was built in 1973. Here's a picture of another stove that is comparable to ours, but is a pic I found on the internet since we forgot to take a pic of our old one which was actually a gas-powered model. (How's that for a run-on sentence?)


We are really enjoying our new one:

Wow! It took less than 10 seconds to upload that pic. Our old dialup used to take several minutes to do that.

Hopefully you all noticed the beautiful paint job Emily did with the "cranberry" and white. I love it!

There are a few other things we are looking at spending money on soon. For those of you who know me I HATE spending money so a lot of these purchases are bittersweet, but necessary.
We are told that the 4-year old, 19 inch, Daewoo TV we got for our wedding needs to either be replaced or we need to buy a converter box before February of next year. Rather than spend more money to convert our TV than it's worth we will most likely be upgrading in the near future.
Long-time followers of the BBBBlog know that my car, Mortimer, has had his share of problems. For those of you who need a refresher check out my previous posts about him here. I was cleaning out Mortimer's glove compartment out the other day and I found the paperwork from when my family bought him in 1998. Well, a few weeks ago I noticed Mortimer's brakes were doing a bit of grinding. I took him in to get a quote on repairs. The verdict: $1400 to repair brakes, struts, shocks, etc. We got several hundred dollars worth of those repairs done, but are in the process of shopping for another vehicle. We are hoping to get a killer deal on a car and I have a feeling that the market is in our favor.

I'd like to take this opportunity to brag more about my wonderful wife. Every time I speak with parents and children at the school they tell me what an amazing job she's doing. I love her so much and am proud of what she's accomplished so far.
A few weeks ago they had a choreographer fly in to help the kids at La Cueva (that's Spanish for 'the Cueva') and I spent a lot of time at the school the Friday, Saturday, and Sunday the group was doing the choreography. The biggest reason I was there was due to the fact that I wanted to see my wife at least a little bit during that 3-day period. It is interesting to me to see her in 'teacher mode.' You can check out the La Cueva Choirs Website here, but some of the pics on the website are from last year and don't quite reflect Em's style.

For those of you who were following Edward Kidnapped My Wife before--please start checking it out again. I will be blogging on there soon while I read and write about the remaining 3 books in the Twilight Saga.

P.S. La Cueva actually means 'the cave' and their mascot is surprisingly the bears ( los osos).