Mortimer Update


I "wrote" a post several weeks ago introducing you to my "amazing" Mitsubishi Mirage. Well, last Saturday on the way home from work "he" had a bunch of smoke coming from "his" hood. When I took closer a look I saw coolant spewing from the coolant reservoir. My first thought was, "This is going to cost money." My second thought: "Maybe I'll get a new car!" It cost several hundred dollars for repairs, but he's back on his "feet" and we don't have to spend a "ton" on a "new" car.

Bob's Jobs

I've got a lot to update everyone on when it comes to my job situation. The timeline is a bit difficult to understand so I'll try to keep it simple.
A long long time ago (about 3 weeks ago) the Managers at Preventive Pest Control asked if I wanted to take over an open management position. I said yes, but told them that I was looking around at other jobs. They said that was ok and that they wanted me to manage until that time came. Basically they didn't get around to officially offering me the position until yesterday morning. I "officially" accepted their offer because I didn't know when I'd be getting another job and I didn't want to turn it down and not have any other jobs come through for a long time. Like I said that was yesterday morning.
Yesterday afternoon I got a call from the management at First Federal Bank and was offered a position with them as a credit analyst. I had gone in and interviewed for the position a little over a week before, but wasn't sure if it was going to go through or when. Well, I accepted the credit analyst position, but was left with going through a very awkward meeting with the management at Preventive. About 6 hours after officially accepting the management position there I told them my last day would be May 13th. They were very cool about the whole thing, but are disappointed to see me leave. Their one question for me was, "Have you prayed about it?"
This will be a big change for Bobily and we are extremely excited! Saturday is my 4 year mark with Preventive. They've been great to work for, but it's time to move on. Woo hoo! (Let me give a shout out to Mankin for helping me find this job)
Some of you might be wondering what a credit analyst does. First Federal does mostly Commercial Loans and when a company wants a loan from the bank a credit analyst (Bob) examines the financial history of the company in order to determine creditworthiness. I'll be looking at the companies' financial statements, the financial history of the owners of the company, etc. Basically, I'll be sitting in front of a computer all day looking at numbers. I will have some interaction with those applying for the loans. I'll keep you updated as I make the transition.
In other job-related news. I heard back from the OCC. They didn't want me, but that's okay. I don't need the OCC. I did interview with another government agency last week, but it's one you've probably never heard of. I'll let you know if there are any future developments with me working for the government.

Bob the Banker



It's finally happened! Ever since I was introduced to The “Blog” of “Unnecessary” Quotation Marks I have been on the hunt. I have found several signs with "unnecessary" quotation marks and have always sent these pics to the "writer" of the "blog" in hopes of someday getting "published." Well, folks, today is the day. Click on the link to the quotes "blog" on the left panel of the Bobily Blog and see what was posted on April 15, 2008. I'll keep you updated on further "publishings" and everyone be sure to "repent!"

Albuquerque Bob


Super Bob

I realized recently that I'm basically just like a super hero. 2 days a week I work full days, but still have to go to school. This normally equals about 10 hours of work and 2 hours of school on those days. The thought came to me one day as I was taking off my work uniform (I didn't want to wear it to class) to reveal my "college student" outfit: a tee shirt. Most of the people in my classes don't know my identity as a bug guy and most of the pest control customers don't know my TRUE identity as a college student. Now all I need to do is figure out my super power...


April's Relient K Video

Bob dedicates the following video to Emily

Must Have Done Something Right Lyrics