Solitary confinement sounds appealing...

I used to find blogging stressful and as you can tell by all my blogs this week, I am finding it rather therapeutic. Isaac reminded me this morning of something else I needed to share:
I clearly remember my mother complaining that she couldn't even have 2 minutes to go to the bathroom without one of us shouting "mom" and running in to find her about something. I always thought she was being melodramatic but I am starting to see what she meant.
Taking a shower is one of my favorite things to do. It is that time of the day where I can clear my head, take deep breaths and mentally organize my day. Since having the boys I have found it next to impossible to find a time when both the boys are down for naps for me to take a shower. So, I usually just lock whoever is awake in the bathroom with me with some toys to occupy their attention, the toilet seat down and the trashcan up on the counter. Usually I can manage to have at least one down for a nap but a few weeks ago on a Sunday Bob was at meetings and I desperately needed to get ready to go so I had both the boys in there. This is the day both boys found out where mom went and all the fun I was having and decided to join. This is what Bob discovered when he got home:

Both of the boys LOVE water but Dean only loves it when it is not in his face. When it is he sputters, coughs and holds his breath like the trickle of water down his nose is drowning him. Isaac on the other had isn't bothered at all and both boys don't let that stop them from joining mom every, single, time. So long relaxing shower time!


Happy thoughts...

All the negativity in the last post was getting me down so I decided to post these to perk everyone back up.

I need to vent...

I was raised by parents that were very demanding about companies providing excellent customer service to their costumers. And not in a bad way either. If the service was below their expectations they would answer honestly and politely when they were asked. In fairness they would also praise for a job well done and not only continue to do business with the company but also send more business their way. Sometimes as a kid I was embarrassed by the all the free deserts, meals and deals they got but now that I am older I realize that I am exactly the same way. I feel it is only fair to give a company a chance to make it up to me before I stop doing business with them and give them a bad review to everyone I know.
Over the last couple weeks I have been astonished at how many companies basically tell me they do not want my business by not showing up to appointments or calling me back. Since Bob has been at his new job we have lists of projects that were neglected in the past that we are slowly working through. Everything from building dog runs, buying furniture, fixer-upper projects in the house and car shopping. This morning I waited for a guy to come give me a quote on putting in a dog run and new grass in the backyard. An hour after the end of the time window he set-up I called and his exact words were "Oh, yeah, I was working on stuff for my house and I completely forgot. Can I come tomorrow?" I had just set up this appointment yesterday and this was the third company I have tried. The first one lost my phone number and showed up unannounced only to give me a really inflated estimate and the second came and looked and then never called me with a quote. Needless to say I told this third guy that this was a poor message to me about how he ran his company and I was no longer interested in working with him.
I have also been less then impressed with a few furniture companies around town as well as untrained car salesmen (the last one didn't know what stow-and-go seating was). I think I may be on to something about why so many companies are going out of business. Its not the economy- its poor customer service! I guess I will just be hanging onto my money until someone proves to me they really want it. Thanks Mom and Dad for making me so picky :-)


Super Productive Morning!

One of my favorite things in life is to cross things off my list of things to do. With two little ones I have resorted to putting really easy things on my list to make myself feel better but today I really have been productive. Here is all the things I have done before noon:
1.) Ate breakfast and feed both the boys breakfast.
2.) Vacuumed the whole house using my new Dyson vacuum that I LOVE!
3.) Mopped the floors
4.) Worked out for 1/2 hour on my new elliptical that I won for free on-line. Just in case you are curious that equals 1.5 miles and 200 calories-woohoo!

Horizon Fitness EX-69 Elliptical Trainer
4.) Cleaned our spare bathroom
5.) Watered the plants
6.) Changed 4 diapers
7.) Ate lunch
8.) Blogged

Pretty impressive right? Now I think I will go have some chocolate before the boys wake up from their naps...