Both boys are taking naps so if the blog feels a little rushed thats why. I am also going to attempt to eat lunch or shower (maybe both!) durning this blissful moment of quiet so here is a super fast recap of the last couple weeks. I apologize in advance for the many typo's that I am sure you will find:
Bob had a week off work after Isaac was born and the poor thing didn't even find time to shave because he was nursing me back to health and looking after both boys. And I will proudly add that I didn't change a single diaper (Dean's or Isaac's) for 9 days after giving birth. I love you Bob! Here is a look at the stock we keep on hand. We go through about 100+ diapers a week, yes, thats right, a week!

I think Bob really enjoyed his time at home. It was super cute watching him bond with his boys.

I have been loving matching outfits for the boys. The "Mommy" one I wasn't able to get a picture of both before Isaac leaked out of it. Gotta be quicker next time...

One of my favorite things to do is give the boys baths. Dean hated his first one but Isaac was very calmed by the warm water.

And of course Dean loves them now. Can you count the rolls?
Dean was also introduced to his booster seat and rice cereal after we got home with Isaac. I don't know how much he is actually swallowing but he does enjoys it.

Having a little brother around sure is hard work! Everyone has enjoyed taking naps...
Now to fill you in on Isaac: Dean was and still is such an easy baby that I forgot that babies can be fussy sometimes. Isaac is definitely more challenging but I am learning the tricks. The first is that I'm not aloud to eat green chili for a while. It is something that I LOVE about NM but Isaac doesn't agree. Second is that as long as he is cuddling with someone or in his swing he will sleep. Bob and I invested in some rechargeable batteries because that swing is running day and night! Here are some pics of Isaac and the beautiful blankets that that Great-Grandma Brough made for him. I had to do a photo shoot because he looked so cute wrapped up in it.

I love watching the boys watch each other and I can't wait till they get old enough to play with each other.This picture warms my heart every time I look at it. Dean just seems thrilled to have his little brother there and I hope they always feel this way about one another.


Oh, Brother!

Monday was our first night at home with our two sons. We have been absolutely amazed at how huge Dean has gotten. He will be four months old on Friday and Isaac is four days old today. Here are a few pictures of their first few days together.


Separation Anxiety

We are getting ready to spend our 3rd night in the hospital away from Dean and both Emily and I are are missing our little guy like crazy. He's staying at Emily's sister, Natalie's house with her husband and four kids. We have no doubt that he is being very well taken care of and entertained by his cousins, but we can't help but miss him. This is the first time we've ever left him with anyone, for any length of time. Thank you Aries for your help! We just spent some time looking at the videos and pictures we have of Dean and we can't wait to be at home with both of our little men. Here's a video we've taken recently that has helped us cope during this difficult time (of being away from Dean).

Isaac Is Here!

Yesterday afternoon Emily and I welcomed Isaac David into our growing family. He was born at 4:02pm, weighed 7 pounds, 5 ounces and measured 19 1/4 inches long. Isaac has beautiful blue eyes, golden blonde hair and really cute lips that Em just can't get over.

Here are a few pictures from his first 24 hours:

Isaac's first visitors were Emily's parents and her brother, Matt.

Nothing is better than cuddles with Mom...

...or Dad