Last week we went to Arizona to spend time with the Broughs (my mom's side of the family). One of my cousins, Zach, just got home from his mission in Brazil. We had a great time, but we didn't really take many pictures. We were having too much fun soaking up the sun.

Emily dipping her feet in the pool.

Bobily enjoying each others company (poolside).

We do love the Broughs...and ice cream cake.

Monsoon Season!

People new to New Mexico or those who have never been here might laugh when they hear that there is actually a New Mexico monsoon season. This rainy season lasts from June 15-September 30th. Here are a few pics of our recent monsoon storm.

The storm only lasted about 10 minutes, but that was enough to flood our backyard and patio.


Memorial Day

Memorial Day in the U.S. often signifies the beginning of Summer. School kids are most definitely excited for the holiday, but I think teachers are even more excited. For them it means a nice long break from the classroom. It was a stressful first year of teaching for Emily and so for her Memorial Day was all about relaxing. In the mountains. With our dogs. And me! Here are a few pictures:

Setting up Camp. We got to break in our new tent which came complete with a closet and a loft. Seriously.

Our puppies love camping!

Chillin' and Grillin'. Deviny is never too far from the food. Mmmmm...salmon!

Maybe we should've sensored this one? Deviny wants to know how Oscar can sleep like that. So do I.

Zeppelin and Emily really like reading together.

This picture could probably go in a Saturn commercial, right?