Time Flies When You're Having Fun

We know every parent thinks this, but Emily has been reading a lot of child development books and we've come to the conclusion that Dean is the cutest baby ever and that he is also highly intelligent. Oh, and just to rub it in he's been sleeping for at least eight hours every night since he was seven weeks old. Here are a few (a lot of) pictures of our little man since our last blog about him.

He's been to a few choir concerts and is the best behaved baby there.

We have officially been inducted into the parent club. Dean went through a little phase where he would save up his poops and have one huge blowout every few days. We had no choice, but to strip him down and throw him in the sink.

For Halloween Dean and Baby February went as pumpkins, Emily was my fertile garden and I was Farmer Bob, the Pumpkin Farmer.

This is an outfit my Aunt Nancy gave the boys...there's a matching on for February when he rolls around.

He loves bath time now...

...and he puts himself to bed at night.

He loves "hugging his brother" and is going to be slightly disappointed when Emily's belly disappears in a few weeks.

We got him this toy when he was about six weeks old. He immediately started batting at it and talking to it which made us feel like we had neglected him just a little.

"What did you say to me?!"

This is the rocking chair Em received for her birthday at the end of November and since then Dean (and February) have spent many hours there and I'm sure it will continue to be very well used.

When Dean is hungry he will latch onto just about anything...

Take a close look because this is one of the only times we've caught him crying.

Here are a few cute Christmas pics. We can't believe that by this time next year he will be running around getting into everything and his brother won't be too far behind...

Here's a funny video of Dean talking. This was several weeks ago and he's getting to be even more expressive now. Hopefully it won't take us two months between now and our next post.


Big Girl (You Are Beautiful)

I thought today would be a fitting day to send a shout-out to my wonderful wife since it was seven years ago today that we went on our first date. I'm pretty sure she still likes me, too. I've always thought she was awesome, but I have gained a new appreciation for her since Dean arrived and throughout her pregnancy. She is an amazing mom!

Speaking of this thing called pregnancy (and the fact that this blog post is all about her) here are a few belly shots:

Before She Started to Show

18 Weeks--Just a Little Bump

21 Weeks

23 Weeks

29 Weeks

32 Weeks

Now, at the risk of sounding a little sappy I want to dedicate a song to my wife. However, please don't think I'm insensitive or anything for the song selection. I promise she actually likes it when I sing this to her. After all, she has turned into a big girl over the last few weeks. Love you, Em!