Flower Power!

Alright! You're probably wondering what's going on with the "Bob-" portion of Bobily since Emily already updated you on the "-ily" part in her last update. Well, I don't think what's going on with me is quite as interesting, but...
As far as school in concerned, I have until May before I'm finished with my Bachelor's Degree: A BBA in Financial Management. I'm excited, but right now it's still far enough away to where I'm not that excited. As far as specific classes I'm taking (this is probably the boring part)...I am taking an Institute class about scripture study. I don't know the official title, but it's with Brother Schaap, the Institute Director. He's great! As far as secular studies, my first of those classes is a Cultures of the World Class. We discuss various aspects of numerous cultures, but we are studying a handful of them more in depth. The first of these is the MaButi (Pigmy) tribe that resides in the African Congo. We are reading a book called The Forest People written by an anthropologist that spent several years among the MaButi. It's pretty interesting.
The rest of my classes are all superbly interesting (ignore the sarcasm) Business classes. One is pretty much the basics of investments. The instructor in that class teaches with absolutely no class participation which is quite different from most other classes I've ever had and considering the time of day it meets (2-3:15pm) often struggle to stay awake while the instructor's back is to the class while he's writing on the blackboard.
Another class I'm taking is called "Derivatives: Futures and Options." If you don't know that that means, please don't ask unless you want long explanation from a nerdy finance geek (that's me). The class would be interesting other than the fact that the instructor is from Taiwan and has a very thick accent and even with my experience with the people from that part of the world it is still quite difficult to understand this teacher.
My final business class is basically about different technology that is used in the business world. We have talked about different software and hardware as well as other forms of technology encountered by us today. This would probably be a boring class except for the fact that the instructor is very entertaining. She definitely makes this early evening class bearable even after a long day of classes.
As the semester progresses I will keep you updated if any interesting things happen in my various classes (that is a big "if," though).
Another school-related event I took place in this week was the UNM Business School (Anderson School of Management) Career Fair. With me graduating in less than 8 months my official job search is under way. I am actually looking to get out of my current work situation soon so that I can start work in a field more closely related to my finance degree than spraying for bugs. The Career Fair was something I've never experienced before. There were supposedly over 80 organizations there, but I think it was less than that. Each of these organizations had a booth set up with recruiters ready to take resumes, ask and answer questions, etc. There were organizations ranging from Wal*Mart to the FBI, from Gap to Goldman, Sachs and from Wells Fargo Financial to Sherman Williams. It was a good opportunity to get my resume out there, for me to gain experience bragging to people about my skills and abilities. That is something that doesn't come naturally to me. Also, Jake helped a ton with the revision of my resume. Thanks, Jake! We'll see if a "real" job comes from this event.
As far as my current work situation, I'm still working at Preventive Pest Control spraying bugs, catching mice, and driving around this sweet truck! I've been with Preventive for almost 3 and a half years. It's been the best job to get me though college, but it's about time to move on. Hopefully other work comes my way soon.
In other exciting news from the Bobily household, we finally finished Harry Potter! I know that we are probably not true fans since we didn't finish it in the first weekend of its release, but we have finished and therefore can be included in conversations with true fans of Harry. Right?
Emily is doing well juggling her many activities. She got to conduct a few pieces last night at a banquet put on the choir program at Sandia High. She did wonderfully! Emily's therapy is definitely her flower garden. She has landscaped a ton in the flower beds near our apartment. Before she came along there were no flowers, a few weeds, a ton of rocks, some bark and a fair share of cigarette butts in the flower beds. Now there are a ton of beautiful flowers and plants.


student teaching

Hi Family! Sorry that it has taken me so long to write an update. School has been crazy busy but really fun. As most of you know I graduate in December and I am doing my student teaching right now to finish up my last semester. I am at two different schools. Since I am majoring in music ed I will be certified k-12 so I am student teaching at a high school and an elementary school. My high school is Sandia High School and it is less then 5 minutes from our apartment which is great. The choir program there is amazing and about 150 kids participate in 5 different choirs, most of them participating in 2. My mentor teacher (Shelly Andes) is great and giving me lots of teaching opportunities. I am pretty much in charge of the mixed choir made up of mostly first time singers. They are really a sweet bunch of kids. My mentor has also agreed to use my candle company for a fund raiser. Over fifty kids have signed up to sell and I told them that they can take all the profit because this is going to be great advertising for me. Plus I really wanted to help the choir/school out. I am at the high schools Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday. They don't have choir on Thursdays so I head over to the elementary school. They schedule will last until about October when I will be at the high school only in the early morning for the mixed choir then over at the elementary school for the rest of the day 5 days a week.
My elementary school is Manzano Mesa Elementary. It is about 10-15 minutes from my house. Carla Haynes is my Mentor and she is amazing. She has more energy then any one I know and the kids adore her. I have been doing mostly observing since I am only there once a week but I so get to play the games and dance with them. They are so cute and I am absolutely in love with them. The more I am there the more open I am to the idea of teaching elementary music. I also thought I wanted to do middle school kids but now I am not so sure.
I'm still teaching privately on Saturdays and selling Candles whenever I can find time and life is great. I can't wait to be done with school. It was so much work but I am very glad that I finished. Hopefully Bob can get on soon and fill you in on his semester. I really don't know enough to write anything. Take care and we hope to hear from everyone soon.