We Love Dad, Too!

So, I don't want to copy my sister, but I wanted to also express to my dad that we love him a ton as he celebrates his 58th birthday. I only mention his age because I think he looks pretty good for being an older guy! Anyway, check out Rachel's tribute here: http://englishpatience.blogspot.com/2010/06/birthday-wish.html

We love you, Dad!


Roswell, New Mexico

Human Population: 45,293
Alien Population: Unknown

I got to go on a little adventure this week. I was expecting to go to Roswell on Sunday night so I could attend some training on Monday. I left Sunday at about 3pm and the training went well. I headed home Monday evening (a three-hour one way trip), but due to a death in the family of one of our employees I had to attend more training in Roswell on Wednesday and Thursday and didn't make it home until Thursday night.

My first thought when I drove into Roswell was that it's actually bigger than I expected. I know 45,000 people isn't a lot, but I thought there were a lot less than that.

My second thought while driving through Roswell was that there are a ton of banks in town. I probably only noticed this because I work for a bank.

I know most people think about aliens and UFOs when they think of Roswell, but there is more to see than just alien-related sites. Who am I kidding? That's the ONLY thing in Roswell. Enough of my rambling, here are some pics:

Other than some pretty scenery there isn't much between Albuquerque and Roswell.

There are two tiny towns between I-40 and Roswell: Encino (population:94) and Vaughn (population: 539). A majority of the buildings along the highway looked like this:

The employees of Comfort Inn made us feel welocme...

Arby's was catering to a different crowd

I guess this one surprised me because normally Wal Mart keeps things pretty uniform.

This copy shop is pretty proud of the fact that they've got aliens laboring away in the back. There were a ton of murals like this around town.

As far as I could see this is the only financial institution in town that has incorporated UFOs or aliens into its official signage.

Ah, the sun setting on my last full day in Roswell. The thing that sucked about this sunset is the fact that I couldn't share it with Emily.