It's a boy!

We had our ultra-sound this morning and found out that we are having another boy! I am thrilled to have so many cute little men in my family and my pocket book is relieved that I will not be buying tons of shoes, tights, ribbons, dresses etc. However, I do need to start saving for having three boys out on a mission at the same time!


Here are some more cute videos of the boys since I'm blogging so much today. They are much easier to get on video lately since they don't sit still long enough for a good picture. They are talking so much and starting to act like little men. There is always something new they are learning. 

"A bite, A bite A bite!"


a serious phone call

Mom loves this stuff!

Just in case you are not on Facebook and hadn't heard the announcement we are expecting again! I am at 18 weeks and we find out whether it is a boy or girl on the 21st. This is how we told my nieces and nephews at Sunday dinner a few weeks ago. It is one of those mint chocolate chip ice cream cakes from Baskin-Robbins that I LOVE. Cameron and Sarah had my favorite reactions. The little ones just wanted the cake.

Baby is due on October 11th which is Dean's 2nd birthday. That would make 3 babies in 2 years. Most people think I'm crazy but I can't wait. I'm getting the family that I waited so long for even if it is faster than I could have imagined possible...


We had a fun experience this spring when we noticed that we had a bird's nest and four speckled eggs inside a wreath on our front door. The only bad thing was that it was when I finally got around to taking down my Christmas wreath after the holidays were over. Guess it will be my spring wreath too...

It was exciting to watch the eggs every day and wait for them to hatch.  Momma bird would fly up into our tree and squawk at us any time we would open our front door. It took them a couple weeks but they hatched on Easter!

Pretty soon they were ready to leave the nest and I was thrilled to finally put up my real spring wreath.