North Carolina, here we come!

        Just a few days before Eli was born we found out that Bob was going to lose his job. Cardinal would be shutting down the facility here in Albuquerque and come the end of March we would be jobless. I couldn't believe what bad timing that was (not that there is ever good timing for that kind of thing) and how blind sided we felt. I literary told Bob a few days before how wonderful life was and how grateful I felt. After a few days of shock and a lot of tears both Bob and I decided that this was for the best. That something would come up that would be better for our family. We both had a strong feeling that this was going to mean a move for us so I got to work on the house as Bob got to work applying for jobs both in and out of the State.
      Bob has applied for almost 50 jobs since then and had about a dozen interviews and as the time grew closer to his termination date at the end of March the more nervous I felt. I knew because we pay our tithing and have followed the Lord's counsel to stay out of debt and live within our means we would be OK no matter how it worked out but that didn't mean I wasn't scared. We have been really poor when we were both in school but that feels very different when you have precious little ones that depend on you.
    Last week Bob flew out to Ohio (Cardinal's headquarters) to have a second interview for a position out in Greensboro, North Carolina. We also had another interview for a different position within the company as well as an interview for Sandia National Labs earlier in the week. We received news on Friday that we would be receiving an offer this week for the Greensboro job. Relief was probably the strongest emotion that I felt followed by a fierce wave of energy and desire to scrub every inch of my house. I have a tendency to clean when I get stressed and in this case that really comes in handy :-) The offer was very generous and would have been hard to turn down even if he had steady employment here in Albuquerque.  Right now Bob is set to start work on March 25th, but that could change.
    Of course, relief isn't the only emotion that I have felt. Some of the negative ones include fear, sadness, and a feeling of home sickness already. I moved to New Mexico when I was 8 years old and most of my family still lives here. I went through most of my schooling here, met and married my wonderful husband, got a degree, my first teaching job, bought my first house and had three sweet babies while in this home. I get to see my family almost every week and I am going to miss that terribly. I am surrounded by so many friends, students, teachers and a wonderful Ward family that give me so much support. I love New Mexico not only for the people but the sunshine, blue skies and, who could forget, green chile! Dions and Wecks are going to be something I dream about on a regular basis. This is truly home for me and it will be hard to leave. Not to mention that farthest I have had to move on my own has been across the river to the other side of Albuquerque. This is going to be a lot of work.
    On the positive side I am so grateful that Bob will be employed. We have prayed everyday since we found out about the layoff and I told my Heavenly Father that I was willing to go where He wanted me to go. We drove out to North Carolina for a family vacation on my side of the family just a few years ago and it is beautiful.  (Click here to read about that trip.) So much green with the beach or mountains just a few hours away. I love being the new person and getting to know new places and people. I believe that I was drawn to performing and teaching because I don't mind being the center of attention :-) so moving to a new strange land fits my personality. I have had the itch to move for sometime now. I'm excited for the new opportunities this will give us to grow and change for the better. Stay tuned to our Blog for all the exciting details!