more info on Oscar

About two weeks ago we heard that this cute 10 week old boxer/pitt bull mix needed a home. We were not looking for another dog but couldn't resist. Boxers are really smart and great family dogs and we have loved our pitt mix, Deviny. He gets along so well with her and Zeppelin and is really a sweet puppy. We picked his name because he is a boxer and there is a famous boxer named Oscar De La Hoya. We also thought that "Oscar the Boxer" sounded really cute.
The potty training has been a challenge but I really think he is trying and starting to learn. We have also learned that if we don't walk him in the evening he has a hard time sleeping through the night. Still alot of puppy energy I guess. We are working on fattening him up because his previous owners wernt feeding him enough. Keep us in your prayers for getting pregnant because we might end up with more puppies to satistfy my needs for cute little things to cuddle if we don't!


I (Emily) figured it was about time that I filled everybody in on my job situation. As most of you know I have been teaching at two high schools this year and it has been really stressful trying to juggle both. I just recently had both high schools offer me full time next year. I have accepted the position at Del Norte. The program over there is really growing. My first day in class I had 1 choir made up of 18 kids. Now I have almost 40 in my choir with almost 100 signed up for choir next year. I have had so much fun over there with very little stress. La Cueva (the other school I have been at) has been very stressful this year. It is a very time consuming program and the students and parents have had a very hard time adjusting. I have loved my administration and co-workers over there but it just isn't worth the stress. I have put my poor husband and health in second place way to many times this year to want to do it again. I just told my students at both schools today. I wanted to wait till the end of the year but La Cueva has already posted the job on line and some students saw it and started talking.
Another excited thing about Del Norte is the classes that I will teach. Right now they are talking about 3 choirs, an orchestra, and a dance class. The orchestra hasn't really existed this year so they will mostly be beginners and I can learn along with them in a lot of ways. I took some classes in college so I know the basics and I am really excited to learn more. The dance class I am thrilled about because it will keep me in shape and help keep stress down. The only excercise I have had time for this year are occasional walks with my dogs. O.k, not occasional, rare (Sorry puppies!). I am going to look into class in strings and dance for this summer/fall to keep me learning and maybe even start my masters while I am at it. I really miss taking classes and want to go back. I know that I am in a classroom all day but its different.


Rio Grande Distributors

I did a little bit of experimenting a while back and set up a website for Rio Grande Distributors, the candle company Emily owns and operates.  I help a little with the operations.  Anyway, I wanted you guys to see it.  Keep in mind the site is not fully-functional yet.  Here's the link (save it!):


Emily's...oops, I mean Bob's Birthday Gift

This post is to thank all those who chipped in with either money or accessories so that Emily could buy herself...so that Emily could buy me a grill for my birthday. It really was a gift for both of us since Em pretty much likes anything from off the grill. And now that it's BBQ season we are grilling several times a week.  Yum!

Here are some pics.  Please don't drool on your keyboard.

Oscar the Boxer


Inappropriate Quiz

I guess most readers of the BBBBlog know that I (Bob)  am full of randomness. I saw this quiz on mental_floss and I just had to share.  Take the short quiz and post a comment letting us know how you did. Keep it fun--try not to look up the answers!