Happy Birthday Isaac

Isaac had his 3rd Birthday on Wednesday (February 5th) this week. He was looking forward to it for weeks and giving me lists of what he wanted to get and do. Here is my photo look-back of his 2nd year.













Here are some things that Isaac told me he wanted for his birthday: Tic Tacs, M&M's Popcorn, Cheeseburgers, Balls, and Chips. I love how easy little ones are to please. I found this cake idea online and figured that would be an easy and fun way to give him M&M's and take care of his birthday cake. We had the missionaries and some friends over and Isaac loved every minute of it. He loves to be the center of attention and all three boys thought the balloons were awesome.

 Photo: Isaac wanted m&m 's and his mother delivered! Mission accomplished 󾌳

 Isaac is my social butterfly. He talks non-stop and always wants to be doing stuff. He loves to go shopping with me and flirts with everyone there and if he ever starts to act up I can get him back in line by threatening to take him home. He loves Play-doh and also got some stamps for his birthday that have been keeping him busy. He is 100% potty trained now and is a master at negotiating to get what he wants--usually candy. He never runs out of energy and usually uses that energy to tease his brothers. He is very affectionate and I find him on my lap all the time. I am just very grateful that he is really short and skinny for his age because it makes him easy to hold. I love my happy, crazy, silly, little man.

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Shari Summers said...

LOVE all of these pictures. Can I just say - he has the BEST smile! :) And GREAT job on that cake! You're such a great mom!